Confessions of a Secret

I have a confession to make. It is something I have struggled with all my life. I have hidden this secret for so long. It haunts me every day. What will people think of me, how will I be judged? So many have struggled with the same issue and they have endured rejection, prejudice, humiliation.


Sounds kinda silly when a straight person does this and yet we put a certain section of our population through this situation everyday. And why? Because of some view of what is acceptable, was set a long time ago by someone or a group of people, who had a very narrow-minded view of what is acceptable in this world of ours.

So many people in the entertainment industry hide their sexuality because of discrimination, they are made to feel shame for something that is part of their genetic make up. Actors and actresses are discriminated against because of a view held by a group of people who decide who will star in movies or will become successful in the music industry.

I know I am straight, I know I was born heterosexual. It is a part of me just like the colour of my hair or eyes. My height, the colour of my skin. Being straight is the very essence of me, but it doesn’t define me as a person. So why do we define gay people, trans gender people, bisexuals, by their sexuality? I don’t understand it.

I have a number of gay friends, some who are openly gay, and others, who I know to be but the subject never came up. To me my gay friends are exactly like my straight friends, I do not define them by their sexual preference. Honestly it is none of my business. As long as all people are happy and in committed relationships, loving and respectful, hard-working and committed, are the very essence of what a human being is supposed to be, why should they be judged and ostracised by one small part of who they are.

At one time in history it was common for men and women to engage in same-sex relationships. Just because men and women were created so we could procreate, why should we all have to be exactly the same. Men and women were designed to come together for the sole purpose of continuing on the race of man, for the soul purpose of having children. And with science advances the act of sex is no longer needed for the purpose of conceiving a child. It shouldn’t dictate who we sleep with or have a relationship with, as consenting adults.

This is just my opinion. I understand that others for religious or personal reasons will disagree with my thoughts. And that is okay. Everyone has a right to believe what they do.