One would think in the world of New Age and Spirituality, jealousy and pettiness has no place. But it actually exists. The good Psychics and mediums and other spiritual types, have no ego issues, or if they do it is kept in check.

I’m not sure if it is about lack of self belief or self-esteem, or just professional jealousy, but competition and to put it succinctly, marking one’s territory, does happen in such a positive and relaxed field of expertise.

From my perspective, I feel it is either, lack of faith and belief in what they do, or they have no real talent and are threatened by someone who oozes real power. You will always get your naysayers and sceptics, but jealousy can be found in the ranks.

One situation I knew of, the person professed to be a Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader, but her ability to read people was more the case. She had an instinctual ability to read a person and work from there. And basically she was in it for the money.

For example, she taught a year-long Tarot Course that cost the student $1500+, where others offered the same course for a fraction of the cost and the time.

Her main objective was the money she earned from it and she often professed to be a counsellor without any training what so ever. The worst part, in one particular class she had two people with mental disorders. The course curriculum was centred around learning the Tarot, of course, but also a form of self discovery and healing. But having started this very course myself, I quickly realised her hidden agenda and the kind of dangerous ground she was walking on. The students she nurtured were people who she could manipulate and control. Anyone showing any real talent was quickly dismissed and pushed out of the class.

You will find some really genuine spiritual people who have the right intentions and are there to share what they know and to help people. But unfortunately, as with every vocation, you will find the ones who are just in it for the money and are just con artists.


A sad but true reality……


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