Thoughts are powerful. They are the very things that can make or break us. We can stay trapped in a prison of our own creation, simply by what our thoughts tells us. But so few of us realise that what we think has no control over us whatsoever. Thoughts are what teaches us to believe about ourselves.

Thoughts are created in our minds, we think all the time. Often a situation, a smell, a word, anything really, will trigger a whole chain of thoughts. By the time we are adults we have a whole system of beliefs established, which we call upon in times when we are tested or in everyday situations. Often our thoughts are pre-programmed beliefs we have about ourselves and we are often totally unaware that we have them.

We are told certain things as babies and children, we see how people around us behave, talk and think and we often mirror this. We listen to the words spoken to us and about us and because we have no filter that tells us whether something is true or not, right or not, we take this on.

If a child is told often enough they are clever, they will begin to believe it and this will be a part of their thought pattern. And the same can be said if a child is told they are worthless or stupid. They become what they believe they are.

How people also treat us gives us the idea of how we deserve to be treated and again this becomes ingrained in our memory. If you were neglected as a child or abused in some way, you believe you deserve this or you become accustomed to expecting this when interacting with others. Our thoughts continue to tell us what and who we are.

With mental health problems, one of the biggest issues are our thoughts, we are often plagued with thoughts of suicide, lack of worthiness, the world and our loved ones would be better off without us, etc. But this is not right or true. But we believe it. Because we don’t challenge what our thoughts tell us.

One thing I have come to realise through my own journey of self discovery, my beliefs and thoughts have told me so many lies over the years.


The hard part about this process is actually catching those thoughts when they happen and begin to challenge them. When we are in the moment we often don’t realise what our mind is telling us. These thoughts can be so subconscious we don’t even realise they are there.

A good way to start paying attention to what you think about, is to do something that gives you an opportunity to get lost in your thoughts. Pay attention to them. What are you telling yourself, what do you focus on? Do you see any recurring patterns that have you questioning who you are or what you can do. Do you stress or over think things? Listen to and pay attention to these thoughts and what is causing you to stress. And question why you are doing this or thinking as you do.

So many like to pay the What If? game, without following it through to conclusion. Maybe we all need to play the What If game to the end. Sit down with a piece of paper and pen and write down every thought and idea we have. What if we had done something or do something differently? ASK AND ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS.

In moments of doubt or sadness, pay attention to what you are thinking. you will be surprised what you can learn.

The best part about all of this. We can change our thoughts and our beliefs.

We create our own thoughts, so therefore we can decide whether they are valid, or true or false. We can decide for ourselves what to believe about ourselves and what to think.

You can re-programme your brain to think differently. That is the beautiful thing about our brains. The brain is like a super computer, it can be programmed and reprogrammed any way we wish to.

If you tell yourself everyday that you are worthless, ask yourself why do you tell yourself this and why do you believe this about yourself. Where does this feeling of worthlessness come from? How true is this statement?

And if you are someone who has good thoughts and value yourself for your talents and abilities, share this with those around you who may not feel the same way about themselves. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they are wrong when they think or talk in a certain way and tell them what you think about them. Encourage them to think differently.

We are not our thoughts, our thoughts are created by us.

Affirmations are a good way to change our thought processes. But always make them positive. Words like ‘not’ and ‘no’ are definitely not wise to use. And when you put two simple words at the beginning of each affirmation you will be surprised at what you begin to believe.






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