The formative years establish who we will become as people. What we think, how we feel what we do. They makes us who we are. What we believe about ourselves and others, how we react, what we think about ourselves and others, what we say how we treat ourselves and others. Our parents, grandparents and siblings are the large influence on who we are.

Events take place in our lives that can have an effect on us  throughout our lifetime but largely who we are all forms and takes shape when we are small. Genetics can also play a part, if we have generations before us who have addictive natures, chances are we have the same predisposition. If there is mental illness in the family that can also show up in our lives.

Whether good or bad, the beginning of our lives forms who we become as adults.

If damage is done then it could take a lifetime to heal the pain. Or in the case of Personality Disorders, these can’t be healed they can only be managed, if at all.

We either learn to be functional, healthy people who make wise decisions or we can live in a dysfunctional way and never understand why our lives are the way they are. There are therapies that can help people living with mental disorders but it largely depends on the individual, and how receptive they are to treatment.

The hardest part about living with mental issues is how those around you and close to you react and behave around you. Some have difficulty in understanding that just because you have sought help doesn’t mean you are miraculously cured and everything is all better now. The damage happened over a long period of time and is so ingrained in our psyche it takes time to begin to heal. To put in place therapies that help you to better cope with life and all it throws at you. We have lived a certain way for so long, it takes time to change ingrained habits and ways of thinking.

When it comes to our loved ones Patience is a Virtue.



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