Weight of the World Part 2

My last blog was about my decision to work on my health and reduce my weight. I am glad I wrote that blog as it put in words what I needed to say to myself.


The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!

I started walking every day, I don’t walk far as I am quite unfit and have to deal with joint pain but I make sure I work aerobically. Each day I push myself a little harder, but when I am really sore I take it easy. As time goes on the pain in my joints will be easier to manage, it is just getting over that initial hurdle.

Not believing in diets, I haven’t put myself on a starvation regime, or taken on one of those celebrity diets. I have cut my portions sizes a little, cut out all the little snacks and eat less bread and other complex carbohydrates, I am gluten intolerant, so that part is easy.

The secret is not to deprive yourself, it is about cutting down on the amount of food you eat and replacing all the processed foods and unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives. I still have my chocolate, but instead of a row of a chocolate bar, I have about 3 squares.

In just one week I have gone from 110.1 kg to 107.7kg and I have made no major life changes, other than being more active and cutting down on how much I eat, making better choices when it comes to snacks.




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