The World of Reality Part 3

Reality TV is very much a part of our lives. Married at first sight, The Real Housewives, Kardashians, Big Brother, and many more.

Our fascination with how the other half-lives has become almost obsessive. It can be an interesting insight and often, in reality, it proves that money can’t buy happiness, regardless of the glitz and glamour, these are real people with real problems.

The funny part about all this, the world of Psychology used to create situations just like this and observe the actions and reactions of people in certain situations. This was considered inhumane and banned, and yet people willing sign up for this stuff because they are on TV and get paid to do it. These are just willing science experiments. And the public are observers.

I am a fan of shows like the House Flipping shows and renovation shows. I like informative and interesting subjects. As much as I am not a fan of Bear Grylls, or as I call him Nom, Nom Bear; he teaches people how to survive in dangerous situations. It is all about teaching people survival skills in any climate or terrain.

Unfortunately there are way too many reality shows that focus on superficiality and consumerism. We allow our children to watch these shows and follow these people not realising these people are role models for the next generation. Many have criminal records, have no real education, misbehave badly and think they are immune to prosecution. Alcohol and drug problems are prominent. And in some cases people are famous for being assholes.

The ‘stars’ of these shows and people who try to emulate then are often bullied and stalked by the media and are targets of the trolls that inhabit our social media world.

I mentioned in a previous blog on this subject about a young woman who was a Kim Kardashian wannabe. She had 500k followers and a lot of them were very rude and often threatening towards her. She was bullied terribly. Admittedly her statements were really not very smart. Like the YouTube  video saying if a guy hits you he must really love you because he is risking imprisonment on assault charges. That was really stupid and set back all efforts to protect women and children from domestic abuse. Young women and girls are easily impressionable. Having been in an abusive relationship this is not what you call love, No Real Man can possibly love you and then hurt you..

For me personally, I wouldn’t want to be any of these women or men in the Reality TV world. That kind of scrutiny and people judging you based on how the show is edited. I thought about signing up for The Biggest Loser to help me with my weight issues, but you literally sign your life away. Recently information has come to light that the contestants are pushed way beyond limits and end up with terrible injuries. And this kind of drastic weight loss is not good for your health. We really need to start censoring what we watch. The TV producers have no conscience or consideration for the impact these shows have on the public.

From a psychological prospective these shows are fascinating. Watching how these people react to certain situations, gives one great insight into the human psyche.

What is this world coming to.



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