The World of Reality TV Part 1

Being like most people I do enjoy Reality TV but not all of it. There are really great informative shows and then there is complete tripe. I have decided to discuss this topic in a couple of parts maybe even more. Reality shows, I suppose, started with Talk Shows like Oprah and Gerry Springer, just to name a few.

Some were all about controversy and getting ratings. I know Oprah followed that line for a while but then her show format changed. She introduced people like Dr Phil, Maya Angelou and Suze Orman to the world. She was not afraid to ask the right questions that would illicit answers, whereas others would shy away from upsetting “celebrities” and buying into their egos.

Gerry Springer was all about ratings. It was considered a bad show if he didn’t have a punch up between guests.

The world of Reality TV blossomed from that. We now have shows that allow us to see into the lives of the rich and famous, those who have large families, and we can’t forget about Honey Boo Boo.

Bear in mind I live in Australia and on free TV we are a couple of years behind on these shows.

I have watched episodes of the Real Housewives of Hollywood, New Jersey and Orange County. I really appreciate Orange County as they were the first and really showed what life was like in a gated community. Yes they are wealthy, yes they have superficial lives, but they also showed the reality of life for most families. Children going off the college and leaving the nest, drug issues related to family breakups, Men wanting trophy wives, the reality of being a single female over 40, cancer. But these women were largely all working girls and are mums as well.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, WOW, talk about excess and superficiality. I know there are a few strong personalities there but why must they always have a super bitch. The only one I really like out of the lot of them is Carolyn. She speaks up for herself and is very protective of her family. Her kids are great, and she carries herself with grace and dignity.

The Real Housewives of Hollywood. This seems like it is all about a number of women who have too much time on their hands and have never learned not to be spoiled Brats. Insecurity is a message that screams from the television screens. Tantrums and screaming matches are unbelievable. I feel for Taylor as being in an abusive relationship is not an easy thing and having your partner commit suicide, is definitely not something you would want of have to put your child or children through.

I understand all these women have strong personalities, I get that. But that is no excuse to behave badly. In the real world, if we had friends that treated us like that, we would walk away.

I suppose my message here is this is not ‘reality’ TV. It is carefully staged and edited to incite a reaction from audience. I see it as a way to convince the rest of us that wealth and excess is the way to live. Brain Washing for the masses to buy into consumerism.

The bad thing about all this is, these women have real lives, cancer scares, divorce, children, family issues, addiction, insecurities, money problems,……

Next Blog will be about the Kardashians and how they have impacted the world.



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