In this crazy world of blogging I hope to reach a point where I can write something every day. My intention is to make this an educational and informative site where I discuss the topics of the day and share my thoughts and opinions on that. I see this as a reflective project on my part. I intend to discuss topics that may irritate and anger people. And others will be very personal to me. These are my opinions on subjects and may differ to others.

At present deciding on topics is something I wrestle with. I suppose that is why I have written this today. Actually I have just come up with a topic to discuss but that will be for a later blog.

We live in a very exposed world, everything is in our face and at our fingertips. We have never had the exposure to this big beautiful world as we do now. The internet had opened up this planet for us. We no longer have to rely on the opinions of others to inform us of what is happening in other countries. We have first hand accounts of what is happening everywhere, thanks to You tube and other forms of social media.

The sad part about all this is there is a lot of negativity that comes with this exposure and we leave ourselves open to scammers and con artists, Facebook Trolls and bullies and not to forget the creeps of the world, like the paedophiles. So many are so brave behind a keyboard.

I choose to think of the internet as a positive thing on the whole. I have made friends with some wonderful people and have learned so much about other cultures and countries. Blogging is another favourite. I love to read how other people live and manage their lives. How they cope with the everyday stresses and their own personal issues.

I suppose we can just use our common sense when dealing with people and information here on the web. Don’t believe everything you see and read. There are those who would deliberately edit and control what we see and target those of us who are vulnerable. Scammers and hackers are clever and will get to you in some way. Just be wary of who you friend and share your personal information with. And if you don’t want your personal business discussed and used against you, don’t put it out there on social media even in Private message.

I say this because I have had my Google Account and email hacked,they then had access to my Facebook account. Personal information I shared with a couple of individuals came back to bite me on the butt.

Not everything about the internet is safe. If Secret Government departments can be hacked and they have fire walls so complex, then don’t for a second fool yourself into thinking no one can or will access your accounts.




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